Open Refine Reconciliation API: version 0.4.8


The Open Refine Reconciliation API allows OpenRefine users to match company names to legal corporate entities. This is especially useful when you have an existing spreadsheet or dataset featuring lots of companies. Matching (or reconciling) to legal entities allows you to get more information about the companies (for example the registered address or statutory filings), and makes it easier to match with other datasets or exchange with other organisations.


Access to the data via this API is free for open data projects under the same share-alike attribution Open Database Licence conditions as the rest of OpenCorporates. If you wish to use the database, or part of the database, without one or more of these restrictions, please contact us for a non-share-alike licence.

An API token is required to access the OpenCorporates Reconciliation API.

API Endpoints & documentation

The main endpoint for use in OpenRefine is, and it's described in more detail in the documentation. Although the API endpoints have been primarily designed to work with the OpenRefine software, we've documented in full the REST endpoints that are part of this service in case you wish to access the data without using OpenRefine.

The OpenCorporates Reconciliation API is designed to support OpenRefine Service definitions. We highlight any aspect of these service definitions that are not currently supported.