Versions: version 0.4.8

OpenCorporates API versions

A note about version numbers

A version number change by 0.1 (e.g. from 0.2 to 0.3) indicates significant changes which may break existing client libraries. A version number change by 0.0.1 indicates bugfixes or minor enhancements that are unlikely to break existing, well-written clients. A single previous 0.1 version will normally be supported using the version parameter in the URL See Stability/Versioning. 0.0.1 version changes are not versioned through the version parameter.

At any one time there will normally be two supported versions and one current (default) version. The current version is the version that will be used if no version is explicitly specified. When we introduce a new version we will normally leave it at least a week before switching the current version to the new version. This allows users time to migrate and allows us to solve any problems identified by users. We always recommend specifying the version number explicitly.

0.4, from November 2014

  • Registered address returned as a structured object as well as string when it is available as such
  • Can now restrict to inactive companies or exclude inactive companies (:exclude_inactive filter is now deprecated)
  • Can now restrict to branch companies or exclude branch companies (:exclude_branches filter is now deprecated)
  • New jurisdictions#match call added

0.3.1, from March 2014

  • Bugfix: in xml response for companies/search company tag was duplicated

0.3, from Feb 2014

  • Added new call to retrieve corporate networks
  • Added immediate children and parents to full company response
  • Added ability to get statements
  • Added ability to get placeholders
  • Added filters, ordering for company searches to allow recently updated, incorporated companies to be retrieved
  • Added accounts data

0.2, from October 2012

  • Added search API for officers (directors and agents)
  • Encapsulated all results in result object
  • Added responses as XML
  • Added ability to get list of supported versions
  • Return version number in responses

0.1 Initial version, from December 2011

  • Read access to data representations of all main objects.
  • Search API for companies and corporate groupings
  • Responses in JSON format